Free Games to Download on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0

Having a device like Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 has many advantages. It is already given that the Tab 3 8.0 looks very attractive aesthetically because of its lightweight and sleek built (it is just 10.9 ounces and has 7.36 mm thickness) and the 8-inch screen size is just perfect (not too big or not too small) but the most impressive thing about this device is the screen resolution.

This Samsung’s golden child has 1,280 x 800 (WXGA) TFT LCD panel, which makes your viewing pleasure very worthwhile. It produces sharp, vivid and clear images and text that is not only perfect for viewing videos or movies but also for gaming. Yes, another thing about having Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 is the ability to play games during your idle time or to relieve stress after long tiring day at work.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0

In this post, we will give you lists of free games that you can download and enjoy on your Galaxy Tab 3 8.0.

1. World of Wizards – have you been addicted to those Worlds of Wizards cards? Well, it is also now available to play on your Android tablet. In this game, you will have opportunity to become a mage and learn your way to creating spells to be able to fight against other wizards around the globe. This game is indeed fun to play and also very exciting. You will also get to do battles with summoned animals to help you.

2. Lep’s World 3 – this is another exciting clone of Super Mario Bros game. You will not be able to tell time once you start playing the game because it is definitely addicting and very fun. It is also perfect for your wonderful tablet because of the superb graphics, colorful characters and overall theme of the game. It is also easy to play that even kids could enjoy it.

3. Wimp: Who Stole My Pants – this is a unique game that features great and colorful graphics. In this game, you will run a little monster inside the drop that gives him different super opportunity. If you aren’t sure about this game, you could also watch the trailers online.

4. Jazz: Trump’s Journey – this game has a story plot that will make you feel curious and interested. This features a story of young and ambitious jazz player that is hoping to win the heart of the first beauty of New Orleans. If you love jazz music then this game is indeed perfect for you.

Downloading games on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 will make it more useful and fun for you. You can play those games while stuck in traffic or while waiting for someone. You should try downloading the games mentioned above and enjoy your new Galaxy Tab 3.

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